Rainy Day Cancun

A Shot in the Rain: Cancun, Mexico

A rainy day at the beach in Cancun, Mexico
Photo by Kayte Deioma

People go to Cancun to swim and snorkel in the super-blue water of the Caribbean and sun themselves on the white sand beaches. A trip into the jungle to explore ancient pyramids may be on the agenda, but rain is rarely calculated into the plan. But guess what? Cancun has a nice long rainy season, which coincides with the summer months when most Americans take their vacations. Just because it’s the rainy season, doesn’t mean it will rain every day or all day. There is still likely to be plenty of sunshine. However, chances are, if you are in town for a week, it will rain at some point.If you are staying at a megalithic all-inclusive resort, you may have a movie theatre or dance hall that gets roped into use as daytime entertainment when it rains. For everyone else, it’s a great opportunity to explore some of the area’s indoor and wet attractions.

In this issue, we’ll visit the Museum of Mexican Folk Art, swim with the dolphins at the Interactive Aquarium, go beyond shopping at Kukulcan Plaza mall, take a cooking class at the Ritz-Carlton Culinary Center and enjoy the magic of the Xcaret Night Spectacular.

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