Rainy Day Montreal

Shot in the Rain:  Montreal

Rainy view through the windows of the Palais des Congrčs in Montreal.   Photo by Kayte Deioma

A Rainy Day in ….Montreal, QC, Canada

City Hall in Old Montreal, Quebec. Š Kayte DeiomaMontreal is a great place to escape from the weather any time of year. They have so much of it – snow, rain and sweltering summer heat – that they’ve come up with some ingenious ways to stay climatically comfortable all year long.

My memory of Montreal from a one-day family visit as a teenager was of ornate gray townhouses with multicolored doors. Very “old Europe.” That part of Montreal is still alive and well and as charming as ever. But in the last few years, Montreal has also come to the forefront of international design and architecture with its new International Quarter that links Old Montreal with the Downtown Business District. They joined the two by suspending a new office complex right over the freeway and adding branches to the RESO (from the French réseau), the largest network of interior passages in the world. Although much of it is above ground, locals refer to it as the Underground City.

In addition to exploring this indoor universe, we’ll look at how Montreal has brought the outdoors indoors in the Biodome, which recreates four ecosystems where visitors can get up close and personal with the wildlife. For a little winter fun all year long, we stop by the Atrium Le 1000, an ice skating rink in the middle of a mall and office building. For the historically inclined, we visit the Point A Calliére Archeology and History Museum built over an open archaeological site. The final stop on our rainy day tour of Montreal is St. Joseph’s Oratory on top of Mount Royal, one of the most visited shrines in the world.

Kayte Deioma

Montreal Features:

The Montréal Biodôme

A Visit to the Underworld: the Montreal RESO

Pointe-ŕ-Calličre: City Roots Revealed

Kids Stuff:

Atrium Le 1000

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