Rainy Day Reno

Kayaking on the Carson river.

Photo by Kayte Deioma

A Rainy Day in ….Reno

story and photos byKayte Deioma

The city of Reno, Nevada, best known for casinos and quickie divorces, has been remaking itself more in keeping with its adventurous surroundings and family values. While the casinos are still there and the divorces still available, the proximity to Lake Tahoe has fostered the expansion of every kind of outdoor activity imaginable, including a whitewater park on the Truckee river right through the center of town.

“The biggest little city in the world,” as Reno calls itself, boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, perfect for such outdoor adventures, which is why people can be caught off guard when the weather decides to act up. While there is certainly more to do outdoors here than in, there are plenty of indoor options beyond the casinos to keep the whole family entertained.

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Rainy Day Quad Cities

A Shot in the Rain: Quad Cities

The Sky Bridge in Davenport, Iowa on a rainy night.  Photo by Dee Oberle

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Rainy Day Fun Spans the River in the Quad Cities

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Family Fun in the Quad Cities

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Delve into Roots Music History at the River Music Experience

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